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See above plastic ring removed from a hoglets neck October 18, the hoglet must have got its head through the ring when very small, as it grew this became tighter and tighter, it was removed and the hoglet, has now grown to a good weight and was released November 18


We need your help

1. To let us know if: there are potential hog hazards in your area.

2. Do you know of sites with a noticeable hog community so we could arrange health Checks for them.

3. Do you know of sites that may be lost through development, we could arrange to rescue these hogs before the site is destroyed.

4. Each Basic Hog Health Check which includes, worming removing tics (top right picture)and fleas, Mange check (Harry before treatment middle left picture after treatment lower left picture) tagging (lower Right picture) and colour coding with a specially made non toxic coloured paint, which we hope will help motorists see and avoid running these hogs over. Costs approximately £3.00.

Veterinary visits & X-rays cost between £55.00 & £65.00. Some sick hogs found benefit from 'puppy milk' when they at first struggle to eat tinned or dried food this cost for a small tin of dried  product £68.00. We rely on donations, all is appreciated large or small. We are fortunate to be given shredded paper for bedding and there is always a ready supply of newspapers.

5. Can you offer a safe release site for hogs?

6. Can you foster hogs till ready to release?

If yes please contact the centre.

Plastic ring removed from hog Oct 18.jpg

Charity Number 269

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