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Emergency Care:

If you see a hog out in daylight it is sick, please - using garden gloves put it in a bucket box or cat carrier and take it to either a veterinary centre, the GSPCA or call the GHRC, although we are now focussing on community projects, if we have capacity we will take the hog.

If you find a hog that has been trapped by netting, in a drain, pond, douit or trench please call for assistance immediately it will likely be starving dehydrated and hypothermic. If you are safely able to extract the hog immediately keep it safe, and actively warm it (Towel on top of a hot water bottle), please do not feed the hog, a little water may be offered, get the hog to professional help asap. 

If you find hoglets wandering out in the daylight with no sign of mum, keep them safe and warm & call for professional help.

Care of hogs in the community:

These endearing animals will become extinct without our proactive help.

Please consider your garden, a shed, pile of logs and a quiet and less manicured area of your garden is ideal, to ensure they can find enough food create a hole in the fence approx. 13cm wide so that the hogs can travel between gardens rather than risking the roads.

Tidy up and ensure all netting, wire & toxic waste (oil) is stored safely, cover all drains, trenches and holes.

Put stepping stones to the edge in your garden pond, hogs swim very well, however hoglets would not be able to scramble up a bank like mum, if shallow bowls of water are available the hog will use this rather than go swimming (in dry weather food sources dwindle but primarily water bowls are essential for survival), be aware pond weed traps in the hogs spines pulling them back in the water preventing them from climbing out.

If you wish to feed, a dried cat food (not fish) or hedgehog food or crushed peanuts (the hogs are usually attracted to  wild bird food, this is when people first notice their presence), if the bowl is close to a gentle light source you can enjoy looking at your hog visiting every night.

If you would like advice on making you garden hog friendly, please call the centre 07781 144250 09.00-17.00. Emergencies out of these hours will be responded to.

If you have a population of hogs in your garden, or know where there is one and would like us to health check them please contact the Centre  to discuss.

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