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Hog Diary 2020

January: 3 Hogs admitted. Still caring for over 40 hogs in the centre and foster homes.

February: 14 Hogs admitted some of  the smaller juveniles are being found in a poor condition as they were trying to hibernate but were not big enough to survive and were found during garden clearances or out looking for food.

March: 40 Hogs admitted, 18 more than last year. The season has started early due to the mild weather, the hogs are up and about hungry and looking to build up the weight lost. The centre put in safe drop off facilities to ensure guidelines are adhered to. We are still open but the gates are locked and all those finding hogs must call before bringing them.

April: 62 Hogs admitted, this is phenomenal, 20 more than last year. We attribute this to Lockdown, folk have spotted the poorly hogs out in the day time in their gardens, so lives have been saved, but sadly a lot of strimmer wounds as people have dedicated their time to clearing up their gardens, please take care, strim at least 10" up then check below before going down to ground level.

May: 55 Hogs admitted, 15 more than 2019. The busy time continues.

June: 55 Hogs admitted, 14 more than 2019. Dawn is busy hand rearing the orphan hoglets, feeding 2 hourly day and night. All "hands to the pumps"!!

July: 59 Hogs admitted<14 more than 2019. 

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