Hog Diary 2019

A quiet start to the year only 1 hog into the centre in January. Over wintering hogs doing well, and will be released when the weather warms up, there is an adequate natural food supply.

January: 1 hog admitted.

February: 6 Hogs admitted. Planning for Hog Health Checks, to include as previous, flea & worm treatment, tis removal & check for mange and injuries.

March: 22 Hogs admitted. Hog Health Check at Delancey Park 2 visits, 3 hogs caught 2 with Mange treated at the centre until well and released back to site.

April: 42 Hogs admitted. Hog Health Check at private residence in Vale, to date 3 caught 1 with Mange still being treated.

April: 40 Hogs admitted. Further visit to Delancey Park 4 hogs caught 1 with Mange treated at centre until well and released back to site.

April: Last visit to release hog at Delancey Park, and check all remaining hogs are healthy.

April: Health Check private residence St Sampsons 4 hogs caught, treated and released

May: 40 Hogs admitted.  Hog health Check private site St Peters despite lots of scat, only one healthy female hog caught treated and released immediately.

May: Note 3 hogs caught in the space of a week all female all dehydrated and hungry, kept for several days to recover then released.

May: Hog Health Check with the permission of the residents at La Chaumiere Castel, 8 hogs caught & treated, then released immediately. 2 hogs were seen last year. Interestingly "Josh" male hog checked spring 2018 was caught at L'Ancresse with severe mange autumn 2018 was successfully treated and released back to site he had travelled so far to get to!! 

June: 31 Hogs admitted. Thanks to the St Martins Cloak article we have been contact by several home/site owners and will be in contact. 4 Hoglets were found on sequential days in St Peters, mum not seen. 3 survived and were put with another mum hog who had miscarried, a good result all round, thanks to the home owners for their continued monitoring & care.

June: Due to dry weather & breeding season and lots of ill hogs and hoglets to look after, no hutches available, no sites checked.

July: 41 Hogs admitted. Hog Health Check from 2 private sites, 6 from one and one from another, all well other than 1 with tic infestation and a bit thin. Hog health check with the permission Manor Stables - due to dry weather we queried whether hogs staying in the woods where there are ponds as no hogs seen. Permission will be sought to revisit in autumn and also enter woods. Further Hog Health Check 2 private residences St Martins 

August: 32 Hogs admitted. No Hog health checks undertaken due to the dry weather.

September: 33 Hogs admitted. Hog checks recommenced. Due to the stormy weather, Hog Health Check cancelled St Martins. Hog Health check Castel 3 hogs found.

October: 53 Hogs admitted. Hog Health Check at 2 private residences St Martins 4 hogs found from one, none seen in the second garden.

November: 51 Hogs admitted, mostly late juveniles needing their weight to be increased to at least 750gms for safe release before winter sets in. Temporary Foster homes always needed. Walled in gardens are difficult to find. If anyone has one and would like a hog resident please contact the Centre. We would always support you, health check the hog and look after your hog whilst you are on holiday. 

December: 32 hogs admitted un precedented for this time of the year. Still juveniles around thin, sick & hungry, the centre and the foster homes are full to bursting with over wintering hogs, but we find the space somehow!!