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We are back... 

...and looking after poorly hogs. Our community projects have been put on hold during Covid and have not restarted yet due to the amount of sick hogs requiring care and our time availability plus we have been respecting personal space of volunteers and home owners.

On request we may be able to do Community Hog Checks in the spring & autumn, please contact the Centre 07781 144250.

If you see a hog out in daytime it needs help, secure it please call the above number.

Urgent: During hot, dry weather please put out bowls of water and a meaty cat food for your hog visitors.

The Guernsey Hedgehog Rescue Centre is dedicated to the wellbeing of the hedgehog community in Guernsey. Yes we have changed our focus to a more community based approach.

We are passionate about hedgehogs and have realised for some time that these endearing little creatures are under a great threat for survival in our island. This is due to many factors:

1. General climate change.

2. Pressure on space to feed, sleep & breed safely.

3. Predominant male  population is emerging.

4. Isolated hog communities therefore inbreeding a problem.

5. The risks of travelling to find food and a mate across island roads. 

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Kind donations, Initiatives and Charity Box Holders

The Charity kindly acknowledges all the donations large and small made during Covid when many Community Funding Initiatives have not been available, also a big thank you to all those who make regular donations.

Any groups that choose a charity for events held please bear us in mind.

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2021 saw the busiest year for the Charity in a long time. During 2020 and the first lockdown poorly hogs were seen immediately as islanders remained at home working, (this happened again in 2021,) this was really positive as they were found earlier and help sought earlier so outcomes improved.


The Charity welcome any islanders who would wish to learn about hogs and be prepared to foster them whilst they are recuperating from illness or injury. Permanent foster homes in walled gardens are also desperately needed for those hogs that cannot be released into the wild, anyone interested in fostering please call Dawn 07781 144250, she will advise and do a site visit, you will be supported and help is always at the end of the telephone.

Strimmer wounds increased during 2020 & 2021 as folk tended their gardens more, so please check all areas and strim 10 inches up from the ground before moving down closer. Check all bonfires before lighting and Compost heaps provide ideal nesting sites so take care when digging out!

In 2021 a total of 570 hogs were brought to the Centre, sadly 60 died, 5 were permanently fostered the rest were released back into the wild.


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Normal enquiries telephone between 08.30 - 18.00. When seeing a hog in daylight it is sick, secure the hog, get the hog warm and seek help as soon as possible. Having caught a hog early morning or last thing at night, get/keep warm in both cases do not feed, offer water only, call centre 07781 144250.

Get in Touch


Dawn 07781 144250

Chris  07781 105040

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