We are back... 

...but we are now focussing on the community:

1. We have risk assessed over 200 Abreuvoirs in the island to ensure they are hog friendly and our friends will not get trapped or drown in them.

2. Are performing hog health checks in areas known to have a hog community to ensure the population is as healthy as possible and to treat any hogs found in distress.

3. By offering an emergency recovery and relocation programme in the event of catastrophic habitat loss (demolition of greenhouses etc) to prevent death of hogs.

The Guernsey Hedgehog Rescue Centre is dedicated to the wellbeing of the hedgehog community in Guernsey. Yes we have changed our focus to a more community based approach.

We are passionate about hedgehogs and have realised for some time that these endearing little creatures are under a great threat for survival in our island. This is due to many factors:

1. General climate change.

2. Pressure on space to feed, sleep & breed safely.

3. Predominant male  population is emerging.

4. Isolated hog communities therefore inbreeding a problem.

5. The risks of travelling to find food and a mate across island roads. 

Hog Diary




Kind donations, Initiatives and Charity Box Holders

December 2017 Waitrose Monthly Charitable  collection with Green Tokens.

December 2017 Placement Charity Box at Golden Lion Pub.

February 2018 Donation from Trevs Motorcycles & Garage.

March 2018 Charity Box Placement Le Mont Saint Garage

March 2018 Placement Charity Box Senners Bakery.

April - June 2018 The Channel Islands Cooperative Society 3 month Charity Box rotational Placement. 

April 2018 Charity Box Placement at Le Friquet Garden Centre. Also sponsors of Charity paperwork.

April 2018  Charity Box Placement at Living Room Estate Agents.

May 2018 Charity Box Placement at Stan Brouard Limited.

June 2018 Donation from C5 Alliance (Guernsey) Limited, for Birthday Cake Bake.

June 2018 application to Channel Island Co-Operative Society Eco Fund. Unsuccessful this year.

August 2018: Further donation from C5 Alliance Guernsey & Jersey.

November 18: Kind personal donation for the care of the hoglet with the plastic ring around its neck, plus a leg injury all healed and released.


From June 17 to February 18 all Abreuvoirs Risk Assessed and feedback given to Douzaines.

Jan 18: 1 Hog checked at Centre & released. 

Feb 18: 12 Hogs checked at Centre I died & I adopted. 

March 18: 25 Hog Health Checks at Centre all male  & all released.

April 18 :Community Hog Health Check Rue de la Grande Maison area St Peters, 1 female & 3 male.

April 2018: 40 hogs checked at Centre - 38 released, 2 died.

April 18: Community Hog Health Check with the kind permission of the Warden & Residents La Chaumiere Castel 1 Female  & 2 male (1 male with mange taken for further treatment at the centre - released back to site 3 weeks later).

May 18: 30 Hog Health Checks at Centre, 28 released, 2 died.

June 2018: Hog Health Check Les Pequeries area, 6 hogs checked 4 male & 2 female, 1 male severe mange, taken to Centre for treatment & released when well.

June 18: 29 Hog Health Checks at Centre 24 released, 5 died. 7 hoglets, 3 juvenile & 19 adults of which 19 male & 10 female.

July 18: Hog Health Check Les Blanc Bois with the kind permission of the Warden & Residents. 3 Hogs checked 1 Healthy Female, 1 Health Male & one undersized Male Juvenile taken to Centre for full check and feeding up prior to re-release at original site.

July 18: Liaison with Vale Constable to ensure new goalpost nets on L'Ancresse Common are hog safe.

July 18: 22 Hog Health Checks at Centre. 19 Released, 3 died. Of which 9 hoglets, 4 juvenile & 9 adults, 13 male & 9 female.

August 18: 16 Hog Health Checks at Centre, 14 released, 2 died. Of which 2 were hoglets, 5 juveniles & 9 adults. 9 male & 7 female.

September 18: Community Hog Health Check Blancheland Park with the kind permission of the Estate Manager, Staff and Residents. 4 hogs found 2 male & 2 female all healthy.

October 18: Hog Health Check La Chaumiere with the kind permission of the Warden & Residents. 1 hog released after being found by the public outside the entrance. 4 hogs caught checked and released.


URGENT: With lockdown we have experienced an unprecedented number of admissions as people have been home and have found them - well done everyone. This has meant that our community checks have had to be put on hold for the time being as we do not have the facilities to deal with the extra patients. Some of the tiny orphan hoglets found needed to be fed 2 hourly day and night, the majority have done really well. The down side is that being at home and tidying the garden has also meant a lot of strimmer wounds being admitted. Please strim 10" up, check the area is clear before going lower. If you find a poorly hog after 8pm please can you keep it warm & safe overnight. Offer water and some meat based cat biscuits and call the centre on 07781 144250 from 8am onwards. Thank you.


Normal enquiries telephone between 08.30 - 18.00 Emergencies 07.00-22.00. When seeing a hog in daylight it is sick, secure the hog, get the hog warm and seek help. Having caught a hog early morning or last thing at night, get/keep warm in both cases do not feed, offer water only, call centre 07781 144250.

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Chris  07781 105040


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